Cathedral Thinking is Dead. Long Live Cathedral Thinking

Cathedral Thinking is Dead. Long Live Cathedral Thinking

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Cathedral Thinking is Dead. Long Live Cathedral Thinking

By Jonathan Thompson

Talk given at TEDxPensacola on November 2, 2019

Synopsis: Was the physical fire that recently gutted Notre-Dame de Paris also a metaphorical funeral pyre? Have we truly lost the capacity for long-term planning or “cathedral thinking” that was so prevalent in the Middle Ages? Or is there a new mentality that we can adopt in our modern age to restore our ability to think generationally?

Jonathan Thompson is the vice president of Thompson-Briggs Developers, a family business located in downtown Pensacola for almost 50 years. A Pensacola native with a love for his community, he is active with many local not-for-profits including Keep Pensacola Beautiful, Friends of the Saenger, the Pensacola Symphony, and the MESS Hall; he is also a former president of Pensacola Young Professionals. Jonathan attended Florida State University and earned several degrees, including a master’s in medieval history that—every now and again!—actually comes in handy. Jonathan spends most of his free time devouring books and hanging out with his two pet rabbits.

Top Image: Photo by planetnd / Wikimedia Commons

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