How the borders of Iberia changed in the Middle Ages

How the borders of Iberia changed in the Middle Ages

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These maps show the changing medieval borders of the states found on the Iberia peninsula. Two videos come from the Youtuber Ollie Bye – the first is a year by year look at the changing borders from ancient times to present, including the eras of the Visigothic Kingdom, the Taifa States, and the development of Spain and Portugal.

The second video is more specific to the Middle Ages, showing the Reconquista period – from the year 700 to 1492, when parts of Iberia were ruled by Muslim dynasties.

The Youtuber Hallen01 has created this map focusing on the Taifa states period, and the gradual decline of Islamic states in Iberia, between the years 1008 and 1492.

S&F Production created this video focusing on the Kingdom of Castile between the years 1065 and 1479.

A video on the Crown of Aragon, including its lands outside Iberia, was created by Drex.

Watch the video: History Summarized: Medieval Spain u0026 Al-Andalus (July 2022).


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