How Much Did It Cost to Build the Great Wall of China?

How Much Did It Cost to Build the Great Wall of China?

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A colossal monument, a wonder of the modern world, a feat of engineering – no matter how you choose to describe the Great Wall of China, it fires imagination and awe inspired wonder at how a wall of this size and scale was built at a time when heavy machinery was not in existence.

Admired the world over, the Great Wall of China’s construction came at a cost both in term of finances over the 2,000-year construction period, and in the lives of the military and civilians who built it.

In the modern day, it begs the question what is the true financial cost building the wall? Would it still be needed or has the world changed beyond recognition from the times that the wall was built 770BC to the 17th century?

The wall was built for two reasons: to protect valuable trade routes from invasion, and to protect land and provinces of tribes and lords.

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