Autumn of the Middle Ages: A Century Later

Autumn of the Middle Ages: A Century Later

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‘This is one of the best selling books in medieval history…yet this book is more popular in the general public today than it is with specialists in the field. We were trying to assess why this book has such a global popularity and why it endures as a work of scholarship even though it is a hundred years old.’

Published in 1919, Johan Huizinga’s Herfsttij der middeleeuwen (Autumn of the Middle Ages and also known as Waning of the Middle Ages) is a historiographical classic that still stands as a touchstone for studies of the late medieval Low Countries. On the eve of the book’s centenary, Columbia University’s Dutch Studies Program hosted a workshop of scholars in history, literature and art history to assess Huizinga’s arguments, their impact on subsequent scholarship, and how two generations of research have updated or refuted them. The workshop took place on November 10, 2016 at Flanders House New York.

This video shows interviews with Peter Arnade (University of Hawai’i Manoa), Martha Howell (Columbia University) and Marc Boone (Ghent University)

You can read the English translation of Johan Huizinga’s book via Archive.org, or purchase one of many different editions on Amazon.com.

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