The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 24)

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 24)

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The Medieval Iceland Effect: how this island has contributed to our modern world. Hear the past with free audio recordings and readings from Medieval Manuscripts Alive, apply for a medieval student loan, and put in a bid for medieval stone!

Inside this issue:

Guide to the Classics: The Icelandic Saga

How the Vikings Gifted Gaited Horses to the World

UCLA Library Offers a Digital View of the Manuscripts of St. Catherine’s Monastery

Not a Modern Problem: Medieval Student Loans

Dancing Into Battle With Dressage

Zombie Run? Tough Mudder? Forget That and Do a Knightly 10km!

Ancient Rome: A Colouring Book

What Is Extremist Belief? An Answer From Islamic Philosophy

Fighting to Win: The Art of Sword Combat in the Early Modern Period

and more…

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