The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 16)

The Medieval Magazine (Volume 2 Issue 16)

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This week we start looking back at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, with reports on Scott Bruce’s paper ‘Imagining Subterranean People and Places in the Middle Ages’ and Erik Kwakkel speaking about his work in online media. Plus Tintagel Castle, dancing, Marie de France, Krakens and more on Anne of Brittany.

Inside this issue:

Investigating a Medieval and Roman Archaeological Mystery

1,600-year-old treasures discover off coast of Israel

The real-life origins of the legendary Kraken

How did medieval people dance?

Following the Leader: Erik Kwakkel on How and Why to Be an Online Medievalist

What Lies Beneath: The Medieval View

The Mayor of London: The First, The Cursed, and the Worst Mayor in London’s History

The Funeral of Anne of Brittany

The Bishop Cat: A Fable from Marie de France

and more…

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