Medieval Books: 5 Great New Releases!

Medieval Books: 5 Great New Releases!

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Medieval Britain in 100 Facts

Author: Matthew Lewis

Publisher: Amberley Publishing (November 10, 2015)


The medieval period is often thought of as the Dark Ages, a period of cultural stagnation and little economic and political advancement. However, Britain in this period survived invasion upon invasion, absorbing aspects of Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Norman culture. Britain developed from a small and fractured island into a more unified and powerful nation that could hold its own in European politics. Medieval Britain in 100 Facts covers this extensive period of change, guiding us through the key events, such as the many invasions and internal conflicts, and the key personalities. Matthew Lewis challenges our misconceptions about this period of British history, condensing this huge story into easy-to-read, bitesize chunks. He examines some of the most important aspects of the Middle Ages, from its formation after the Roman exodus, to the Norman invasion, to its eventual decline during the Wars of the Roses.

The World of Vikings

Authors: Justin Pollard and Michael Hirst

Publisher: Chronicle Books (November 10, 2015)


MGM’s hit show Vikings on the History Channel has drawn millions of viewers into the fascinating and bloody world of legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok, who led Viking warriors to the British Isles and France. Covering the first three seasons of the series, this official companion book delves into the real history as well as the behind-the-scenes stories. Viking historian Justin Pollard explains shipbuilding and navigation, Norse culture and religion, and the first encounters between Viking warriors and the kings of England and France. Interviews with cast and crew reveal the process of dramatizing this gripping story, from reviving the Old Norse language to choreographing battle scenes and building ancient temples for human sacrifice. This spectacular package is a must for fans of the show and history buffs alike.

24 Hours at Agincourt

Author: Michael Jones

Publisher: Random House UK (December 1, 2015)


A definitive account of the iconic battle, uniquely structured over 24 hours of a single shocking day—a day that changed history

“Jean de Croy had sworn a remarkable pact with 18 of his fellow knights: they would fight as a body and kill the English king, or die in the attempt. And so they did—launching themselves at the English line. Croy and all 18 of these knights were killed in fierce fighting, but not before they had got close enough to the king to strike repeated blows on his battle helmet, one of them severely damaging the crown that was welded to it—so that two of its rubies were smashed off.”

In 24 Hours at Agincourt, published to tie in with the 600th anniversary of Agincourt, Michael Jones brings the iconic battle vividly to life, drawing on countless authentic eyewitness accounts to showcase both sides of the conflict in a panoramic tour-de-force.

Soldiers of Christ: The Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar in Medieval Ireland

Authors: Martin Browne and Colman O’Clabaigh

Publisher: Four Courts Press Ltd. (Nov 27, 2015)


The Military and Hospitaller Orders emerged in the 12th century as Christendom engaged with the threats and the opportunities offered by its Muslim and non-Christian neighbours. In an Irish context, the Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar were the most signi cant expressions of this unusual vocation that sought to combine military service with monastic observance. Arriving with the rst Anglo-Norman settlers, the orders were granted vast land-holdings and numerous privileges in Ireland to support their activities in Palestine and the Middle East. From the outset, the knights were closely associated with the administration of the Anglo-Irish colony, with the superior of the Hospitallers, the Prior of Kilmainham, consistently playing a key role in crown affairs. This volume, the proceedings of the Third Glenstal History Conference, explores the history of the Military and Hospitaller Orders in Ireland from their arrival in the late twelfth century to their dissolution and attempted revival in the mid-sixteenth century. Other contributions explore the orders’ agricultural, artistic, economic, pastoral and religious activities as well as examining the archaeology of some of their sites.

Early English Recipes: Selected from the Harleian Manuscript 279 of about 1430 AD

Author: Margaret Webb

Publisher: Cambridge University Press (Nov 19, 2015)


Originally published in 1937, the text used is from the first of two fifteenth-century cookery books edited by Thomas Austin and published in 1888 for the Early English Text Society. The recipes are presented as they would have been at the time of original publication, with the exceptions of a few modern words, which have been substituted and occasional alteration made in spelling and punctuation. A diverse range of recipes is included, ranging from ‘Gyngerbrede’ to ‘Flowrys of hawthorn’, most of which give attention to and place emphasis on spices. This book will be a valued gem in the historical landscape of culinary arts, shedding much light on the history of food preservation and consumption in Roman Britain through to the Middle Ages, and will be greatly appreciated by anyone interested in British cuisine, British history and historical linguistics.


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