Special issue of Medieval Warfare: 1415 – The Battle of Agincourt

Special issue of Medieval Warfare: 1415 – The Battle of Agincourt

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The Battle of Agincourt is one of the most famous clashes of the medieval world. This is hardly remarkable, as it has many characteristics of a great tale: a small ‘underdog’-like army, made up for a large part of low-ranking archers and relatively few men-at-arms, that comes out victorious against a much larger, better equipped, and according to some arrogant and overconfident French force. Historically, the battle would be the last truly remarkable feat of arms of the English during the Hundred Years War, but one which would determine English superiority for several years. It’s a story told and re-told several times throughout history, but one that has changed in the telling. The Medieval Warfare 2015 Special will separate fiction from fact, and will offer a fascinating array of articles about all those aspects related to the battle, from the commanders and the armies’ organisation and recruitment, to the soldiers’ equipment, and of course, the battle itself. With contributors like Anne Curry, Brian Todd Carey, Hugh Soar, and Tobias Capwell, to name but a few, we feel confident enough to state that our 2015 Special is one you really cannot miss.

Medieval Warfare Special 2015: 1415 – The Battle of Agincourt

Brian Todd Carey – Historical introduction
Michael Jones – Henry V as military commander
Adam Chapman – Recruitment and organisation of the English Army
Hugh Soar – The war bow
Anne Curry – The Battle of Agincourt
Jean-Claude Brunner – Too many dukes: The French commanders
Bertrand Scherb – Recruitment and organization of the French army
Tobias Capwell – French and English weapons and armour/equipment
Murray Dahm – The source: Agincourt on paper
Stephen Cooper – Shakespeare and the myth of Agincourt
Christophe Gilliot – A ‘gens d’armes’ at Agincourt
Stephen Bennett – The aftermath

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