Crowdfunding project to restore medieval prayer book closes in on goal

Crowdfunding project to restore medieval prayer book closes in on goal

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In less than two weeks a crowdfunding campaign to restore a 600 year old manuscript has already raised three-quarters of €25,000 it is asking for.

The Marie of Guelders prayer book was created by Helmich de Lewe in 1415 and is considered a masterpiece of early Netherlandish art. However, the manuscript, which is kept in the Berlin State Library, is in such a fragile condition that extensive restoration is needed. Last month a crowdfunding campaign was launched by Johan Oosterman, professor of Early Dutch Literature at Radboud University, to raise €25,000. Right now, it has already reached € 18,575.

“The Marie of Guelders prayer book deserves a special place in history,” says Oosterman. “I’d like to restore the book and make it accessible again so it can be studied and displayed. This requires funding – 25,000 euros would be a good start. Anyone can make a large or a small donation to the project, by adopting a page, for example.”

The crowdfunding project will run until 1 May 2015 and the entire process, from restoration to exhibition, is expected to take about four years.

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