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Take a look at our new Digital Magazine – The Medievalverse – which offers you the best of each week’s posts from Our Site

As we have been growing Our Site, we have got a lot of feedback and our readers have been askin us to create something like this – a convenient way to read our content, including on mobile phones and iPads, without having to see all those ads! We have teamed up with Joomag to create a weekly digital magazine that will deliver all that.

We are very excited about creating this digital magazine and were hoping that many of you will subscribe to it. The cost is going to be $4.99 (US) for 4 issues or $12.99 for 13 issues. You can also buy each issue for $1.99. We have big plans for the magazine and with next week’s issue you will find exclusive articles and features in it. As we grow the magazine we hope to add more writers to it as well.

We also would love to hear your feedback on how we could improve the magazine – this is our first issue and very new for us, and we want to make something that our readers are really going to love! ~ Peter and Sandra

Click here to subscribe for 4 issues for $4.99 (US)

Click here to subscribe for 13 issues for $12.99 (US)

Click here to buy a single issue for $1.99 (US)

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