Ten papers to look forward to at the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies

Ten papers to look forward to at the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies

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Western Michigan University has released a sneak preview of the schedule for this year’s International Congress on Medieval Studies. The congress, which will be held from May 14th to 17th, features 539 sessions that cover a wide range of topics. There will be several special events, including a look at medieval warbows (Session 203), hearing languages such Middle High German and Anglo-Norman (Session 141) and several performances from medieval literature and music. We have picked ten papers that we think might be very interesting at this year’s congress:

Where Have All the Olives Gone? The Changing Fortunes of the Olive in Byzantium, 600–1000 A.D.
Alexander Olson, University of Wisconsin–Madison
In Session 38: Early Medieval Europe I

Whose Kids Are You Calling Monsters? Capacious Concepts of Childhood Disability in Medieval Literature
Dani Alexis Ryskamp, Western Michigan University
In Session 59: De/Coupling Monstrosity and Disability

The Remarkable Will of David Fyvyan, 1451
Martha Carlin, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
In Session 107: Medieval London

No Medieval Superhero Is an Island: A Case Study of Hedwig of Silesia
Allison McCann, University of Pittsburgh
In Session 195: Super Medieval! Visual Representations of “Medieval Superheroes”

New Speculative Reconstructions of Viking Age Women’s Clothing Informed by Finds from Revninge, Hårby, and Lejre
V. M. Roberts, Independent Scholar
In Session 246: Archaeology and Experiment: Moving beyond the Artifacts

Agincourt 1415: Fact or Fiction?
Anne Curry, University. of Southampton
Session 294: The White Hart Lecture

Crusades, Templars, and Cyberjihad: Political Medievalisms in Social Media
Andrew B. R. Elliott, University of Lincoln
In Session 314: Political Medievalisms

Feathered Pillow Talk: Pertelote Scolds . Seduces Her Cowardly Husband
Betsy Bowden, Rutgers University–Camden
In Session 337: “Is there a text in this Middle English?”: Chaucer’s “Text” and the Oral-Aural Context of His Oeuvre

Why Did Aquinas Hold Killing Is Sometimes Licit, but Never Lying?
John Skalko, University. of St. Thomas, Houston
In Session 398: Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas II: Ethics

Straw-Men, Hidden Pouches, and Fake Pirate Attacks: Merchant Responses to the Threat of Piracy
Eleanor A. Congdon, Youngstown State University
In Session 489: Piracy’s Effect on Trade throughout the Medieval Mediterranean: In Memory of Olivia Remie Constable’s Scholarship on Intercultural Contacts

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