Great #MakeHistoryCute Tweets

Great #MakeHistoryCute Tweets

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History rarely trends on Twitter, so let’s celebrate having #MakeHistoryCute go viral and see what the Twitterverse is coming up with!

It all began with last night’s episode of @Midnight, a comedy game-show. Here is how they started it:

Awwwww! @PattonOswalt is totes adorbs playing tonight's Hashtag War #MakeHistoryCute!https://t.co/3yOc09DpDK

— @midnight (@midnight) January 20, 2015

Since then many have joined in…

#MakeHistoryCute? The ancient Egyptians already took care of that for us. http://t.co/slUiATJdsg pic.twitter.com/QF3sEVb2As

— Penn Museum (@pennmuseum) January 20, 2015

#MakeHistoryCute George Fluffington crossing the Delaware! http://t.co/MuYLrdfSwy pic.twitter.com/ZUezkTvWGF

— Squishable.com (@squishable) January 20, 2015

#MakeHistoryCuteWorld War Pooh pic.twitter.com/q5FXMAIjSq

— Superman (@SupermanTweets) January 20, 2015

The Fall of the Gnoman Empire #MakeHistoryCute @midnight pic.twitter.com/xR4tYB6N2M

— Cheryl L. (@cal331) January 20, 2015

Who's a cutie pie?!? YOU ARE!!! You can also play #MakeHistoryCute on Vine! Just don't forget to tag @midnight https://t.co/FaEJkNctS7

— @midnight (@midnight) January 20, 2015

The Orange Tang Dynasty. #MakeHistoryCute

— Maria Hurni (@PuzzleAtWork79) January 20, 2015

#MakeHistoryCute The Purrrrrsian Wars

— Zoe (@zbrown33) January 20, 2015

When he was a child they used to call Alexander the Great, Alexander the Little Cutie. #MakeHistoryCute

— chaplinlives (@chaplinlives) January 20, 2015

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall! #MakeHistoryCute pic.twitter.com/wlJfQ1gEyZ

— Chris Thorpe (@WorldtoChris) January 20, 2015

Bay of Pigtails#MakeHistoryCute

— Dreamweasel (@Dreamweasel) January 20, 2015

Emojis are the new hieroglyphics. Time is a circle. #MakeHistoryCute #EmojiArtHistory #SunshineThoughtOfTheDay pic.twitter.com/QHZ2nNbsX8

— Nat2O (@Nat2O) January 20, 2015

#MakeHistoryCute the exchange of the roses

— marthh (@marthadimond) January 20, 2015

The Cookie Jar Prohibition #MakeHistoryCute

— Chris Thorpe (@WorldtoChris) January 20, 2015

The Hundred Teddy Bears War #MakeHistoryCute

— Ken Simon (@KenSimonSays) January 20, 2015

The Spanish Imposition – "You wont even know we're here." #MakeHistoryCute

— Dr. Thomas Morrow (@DrThomasMorrow) January 20, 2015

Tennyson's famous poem written while on an Isle of White holiday originally called 'The Charge of the Water Fight Brigade' #MakeHistoryCute

— Michael Hanley (@michaelhanley3) January 20, 2015

#MakeHistoryCute @midnight Alexander Graham Bell to Watson on inventing the telephone: "Hello, Kitty"

— David L. London (@David_L_London) January 20, 2015

Spadina's own Albert Awwwwwstin #MakeHistoryCute @SpadinaMuseum @TOhistoricsites pic.twitter.com/olKqFvB8DD

— Spadina Museum (@SpadinaMuseum) January 20, 2015

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