Time and Eternity in Saint Augustine

Time and Eternity in Saint Augustine

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Time and Eternity in Saint Augustine

Costa, Marcos Roberto Nunes

Mirabilia 11, Tempo e Eternidade na Idade Média, Jun-Dez (2010)


Every Augustinian disputation regarding to time – eternity relation arises from the need of combating the Manicheans and, by indirection, all those ones that affirmed, asserted world eternity, that denied ex nihilo Jewish – Christian Creation principle. Saint Augustine, departing from Genesis Scriptural Book in order to present a revelational founding and neoplatonic philosophy, in order to impart philosophic maintenance to the above – mentioned thesis, has ended up by moving away from not only Manichaeism, but from Neo-Platonism itself which has worked as philosophical foundation for contesting those ones.


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