Marold SP-737 - History

Marold SP-737 - History

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Former name retained.

(SP-737: t. 35; 1. 100'; b. 12'6"; dr. 4'6"; -. 20 k.; cpl. 14; a. 2 3-pdr., 2 mg.)

Harold (SP-737), built by the Northern Boat Co., Port Clinton, Ohio, in 1914, was acquired by the U.S. Navy on a free-lease basis from I,. K. Liggett, Chesnut Hill, Pa., and commissioned 2 June 1917, Ens.. W. F. Lakeman, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the 1st Naval District (luring her. brief .service In the U.S. Navy, Marold operated as a section patrol boat out of Rockland, 'Maine. She was returned to her owner 9 May 1919.

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